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Inspiring growth and imagination through the bonds of community.

The Alphas are a group of people committed to creating and supporting an environment of learning, education and openness for creatives in the BDSM community.

Founded by professional dominatrices, we have learned that a nurturing, passionate and supportive mindset provides a positive backdrop for our trade. One that encourages growth and learning for all members of our community. We value the magic of discovery, love of learning, and the power that comes with the mindset of abundance.

An intentional group, we work towards empowerment by creating BDSM events, providing a support network to fellow SW’s.

Our goal is to create a network of professionals who seek to create a powerful presence through art and education. Inspiring people from all walks of life to pursue their wildest dreams and fantasies, striving to continue instilling awe into ourselves and others.


One of the most important components of The Alphas mission is giving back to the community. This is done through service and donating portions of our proceeds to causes we believe in. Among those causes include St. James Infirmary, a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers of all genders. St. James Infirmary meets the needs of people engaged in the sex trade through advocacy, direct services, and social justice. Become a special ally to The Alphas by donating to St. James Infirmary and their other beloved organizations.